How To: Pierce An Ear

13 04 2012

Since I have been having trouble with coming up with blog ideas a classmate helped me out. She says that ,since movies depict piercing ears as easy as placing an apple behind your ear and poking a needle through, I should post the proper way. So here you are!


1. Disinfect ear lobe with hydrogen peroxide

2. Take a marker and mark where you want to put the piercing until you are satisfied with the placements

3. Get ice and numb the ear

4. Disinfect the needle by lighting a match, sticking the needle through the fire, then dipping the needle in hydrogen peroxide and wiping it off

5. Once the ear is numb poke the needle through the spot marked by the marker (Make sure it goes straight in)

6. Pull the needle out and put an ear ring in as quickly and neatly as possible

7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the other ear

8. Leave the ear rings in for six weeks and then feel free to change them whenever you want

Thanks for reading,





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