How To: Juggle Three Objects

9 04 2012

So I’m starting to have trouble with ideas for my blog and I came up with juggling. If you have any ideas, please comment on this post with them! I would really appreciate it! So anyway, juggling. It’s pretty simple if you just do these 4 steps until you master them.


1. First thing is just throw ONE ball from your right hand in an arch up to your face then have it land in your left hand. You should NOT MOVE your hand to catch the ball.

2. Do step one but from left to right. This is because juggling involves both hands and you have to be equally skilled with both.

3. Once you have MASTERED steps 1 and 2 you can move on to 3: Step three is basically step 1 and 2 combined. You are going to throw the ball from your right hand in an arc in front of your face and then just as that one is at the top of its path, release ball number 2  from your left and arc it in front of your face and then into your right hand. Do this as many times as you need to until you MASTER it! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO #4 IF YOU DON’T MASTER STEP 3!

4. Now, add the third ball! You are going to basically do a loop: Right arc to left, left arc to right, right arc to left, etc. Getting that to be second nature is difficult, but it is fun once you can do it! Now, you are juggling.

Thanks for reading and please follow my blog and comment with new ideas!





2 responses

13 05 2012
sydney aged care

A great instruction for juggling. But practice makes it perfect.

5 06 2012

Definitely true, especially if you want to combine a couple of these ideas and be able to juggle on a unicycle.

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