How To: Get Off Of A Ski Lift On A Snowboard

25 03 2012

I’m down at Big Bear Lake, California with family and a friend and I was teaching him how to snowboard. We were on the lift and I was trying to explain one of the hardest things to learn, getting off of the lift properly. I decided to write out some tips.


1. If the barrier protecting you from falling is down, lift it up when the signs tell you to.

2. As you get a little closer, turn slightly sideways so that your leading foot is facing the landing ramp.

3. When you are really close, lift the tip of the board up so that it doesn’t catch and cause a face plant.

4. Stay in the seat and then get up when it feels natural and let the ramp take you.

5. Put more weight on your front foot and just place the back foot on the board in between your bindings.

6. Just slide over to a bench or just the top of the slope, sit down, and strap in.

Enjoy the slopes!


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