How To: Throw A Waterpolo Ball Properly

20 03 2012

As I was sitting here, thinking about what to blog about today, I was talking to one of my friends. We were brainstorming and we came up with this topic since he played water polo every year in high school, including freshman year, on varsity. These are his steps to a perfect skip shot.


1. Get the water polo ball into your hand.

2. Pull your arm back into shooting position (arm back with biceps parallel to your side, then put your forearm parallel to your ribs and then tilt it back a bit).

3. Use your non shooting hand to keep you afloat as well as egg beating your legs to tread.

4.  Propel your body out of the water to get above defenders using your legs and non shooting arm.

5. Thrust your shooting hand towards the goal.

6. When your arm is parallel to the water, flick your wrist down towards the water and release.

7. Watch and see if you have done it right. If you have the ball should have skipped along the water and then gone into the goal .






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