How To: Get An Internship

19 03 2012

For school I was forced to get an internship. When I found this out, I decided not to be like my friends and just sit around. I became proactive. Since I had trouble finding an internship, I thought that I’d help you out with the steps on how to get an internship.

1. Think of what you may want to do when you are older or what you enjoy doing (film production, receptionist, librarian, teacher, doctor, writer, photographer, fund manager, musician, technician, plumber, etc.)

2. Take your answer from step one and think of how you can enter that business as an intern. For example, I am interested in music so I looked for a radio station. After I realized that, I thought of the type of music I like and went for the radio station that played that type.

3. Search your answer from number three on google. Search “‘Number 3 Answer’ Internships” and find a link that looks good.

4. Once you find a company, call, email, or leave a message on the website. (Some sites have an inbox page).

5. Now wait for their response.

6. After they respond they have either said Yes you have the internship, No we are full/ don’t need interns, we need an interview, or just send you questions about yourself. Do whatever they say and you will get the internship. If they said No, go back up to step 3 and repeat until you get one.

7. By now, since you have made it to step seven, you have landed an internship. Congratulations and from here it is up to you.

No Problem,





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