How To: Make A Playlist On Spotify

17 03 2012

This post will teach you how to make a playlist on Spotify with your favorite songs. For those of you are unfamiliar with spotify, its basically a legal iTunes for free except you can’t download the music.

1. If you search spotify on google you click the link that says “Download Spotify”

2. Follow the instructions on the website and you are set

3. Once you downloaded it then you sign in using your facebook account (if you have one, if not then make one).

4. Go down to the bottom left until you see a New Playlist button. Once you press that then go back up to the top left and search for songs you like and drag them to the playlist.

5. Now that you have added your favorite songs that you know, you want to find ones that you don’t know yet.

6. If you go to the left side there is a “Top Lists” button which will give you the top songs right now, you can go to the top left and hit     the “People” button and see what your friends are listening to, or last but not least go to your playlist and click on an artists name and then hit the tab at the top center that says “Related Artists” to get similar music.

7. Now that your playlist is set up, crank up the volume and listen to your tunes.

Enjoy the music,





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