How To: Make a nasty drink

9 02 2012

So for an extracurricular activity I help teach younger children around 11-12 how to drum. To encourage them to win challenges such as playing the fastest, most accurate, or just all around best technique we use nasty drinks. These are usually just store bought juices such as prune juice, pomegranate juice, or 100% lime juice. Every week these children say that they enjoy the flavors of these drinks so I took it upon myself to create a truly nasty drink.


1. Get a blender

2. Look around your kitchen

3. Find random ingredients, sauces, juices that wouldn’t usually go together (you should use a liquid like milk, OJ, or some other to liquify it)

4. Throw them in the blender

5. Put the blender to liquify

6. Hit start

7. When its finished pour it into a thermos and you are done

For example mine consisted of:


One banana

2 American cheese slices
10 dill chips
1 red jello cup
5 cherry tomatoes
3 spoons mayonnaise
One large ketchup squirt
2 juiced limes
2 dollops of liquid blue cheese
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
Splash of white vinegar
A tiny bit of hot sauce
Try it out and dare your friends to drink it,



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